To build a landmark at historical Muizenberg Surfers’ Corner commemorating surfing in South Africa. 


The Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame landmark will celebrate the rich heritage of surfing in our country, and acknowledge Muizenberg as the place where it all began.

About Surfers’ Circle

In 1919 Heather Price made history when she became the first South African to surf standing up at Surfers’ Corner in Muizenberg, Cape Town. 

heather price surfing in 1919

It is this historical event and the concept of Paul Botha, Nick Hough, Charlie Moir, Gerald Musikanth and Peter Wright, that has inspired Muizenberg Improvement District NPC (MID) to drive The Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame Project and celebrate the pivotal role surfing has played in encouraging economic growth, cultural diversity and international recognition of Muizenberg as a destination of choice in South Africa whilst also improving the aesthetics of the beachfront environment.

Since then surfing has evolved from a recreational beach lifestyle to a competitive sport with the formidable team Surfing South Africa achieving excellent results since the inauguration of the ISA World Games in 1992. Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame aims to acknowledge the legacy of past and future achievements of surfing as a catalyst for change and social cohesion.

"In the Pacific the islanders have made it an art. At the Cape it has become a cult. The wild exhilaration is infectious. It steadies the nerves, exercises the muscles and makes the enthusiast clear headed and clear eyed” 1918 brochure of The Cape Peninsula Publicity Association’s description of surfing in Cape Town."